Paint Protection

Paint protection film- your defense against anything the road throws your way
Help keep you car looking newer longer with our self-healing paint protection film. The ultimate defense against:
*Rocks & Pebbles
*Road debris
The ares that are most vulnerable to damage:
*Door Edges and steps
*Side View Mirrors
*Rocker Panels
*Door cups
*Rear Trunk Area
All these vulnerable areas can be protected with our virtually invisible paint protection film.
You will have peace of mind that our film is covered by a 5 year nation-wide warranty and is professionally installed by factory trained technicians.
The film’s clear coat finish self-heals when scratched and is resistant to cracks, yellowing and staining. To ensure the perfect fit, each piece is precision cut to match you vehicle.
Caring for your car is simple and easy. Just wash your car like you normally would. We highly recommend our PRO-TECT Polish, a spray on, wipe off polish that can be easily applied in minutes. No need for special buffing or waxing, that’s all it takes to keep your vehicle looking like the day it was installed. Whatever you drive, car, SUV, or truck, our paint protection film provides the best option for keeping your vehicle looking like the day you purchased it.